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Welcome Aum.

You’ve found my cozy corner on the interwebs.

I playfully blend plant-based nutrition with Ayurveda, sprinkle in yummy yoga, drizzle on transformative Human Design, and top each offering with a dash of word play to tickle your intellect.

We keep it holistic.

Amy Colman from Namataste Nutrition with her Vegan and gluten free cornbread

What is Namataste?


This are a movement towards embodied health consciousness.

We all know we need to eat better and exercise more…but often there is a gap between knowing and doing. Namataste exists to help you bridge that gap. I do this with a happy heart and so much playfulness…because nobody likes boring stuff.

Holistic nourishment. I believe in the ripple effect.

When you embody ojas (the subtle essence of wellness), you show up differently in life and become more magnetic while softening into your power. You have the energy to show up from a place of overflow and joy.

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Welcome, sweet soul!


5/1 Sacral Generator. Leo Sun. Moon in Cancer. Virgo Rising. Pitta-Kapha Dosha. Vegan foodie. Singer. Mystic. 

Plant-based Ayurveda was my saving grace after a lifetime of malnourishment and disordered eating. Encoding wellness on a cellular level became natural - a second nature - only after I understood my unique make up. This understanding came through the lenses of Ayurveda and Human Design.

I now work with clients to heal their body from the inside out so they can live a life of intention, pleasure, and nourishment.

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Amy Colman at Namataste Nutrition with a vegan meal being served


Printable Soaking & Sprouting Guide.

A guide to increase nutrients, balance your hormones, and support your gut-health.

Become a Nutrition Alchemist. Plant-based nutrition is so nourishing and delicious - especially when you know the right tricks to elevate your digestion. This printable soaking and sprouting guide will simplify your plant-based nutrition journey!

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