Amy Colman, founder of Namataste Nutrition. 5/1 Sacral Generator, yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist. Vegan Ayurveda


My mission is simple

Seamlessly integrate intention, pleasure, and nourishment into everyday rituals... while enjoying every moment.

Spiritual path, by design.

I’m a roller skating, freestyle rapping, noodle-loving comfort engineer. I'm also a yogini, lifestyle vegan, and a music festival goer. 

My spiritual practice is a deeply personal, and integrated part of who I Be. I am also a certified bad bitch and a tender, loving empath.

The more I embrace my multi-faceted nature, the more nourished I become. Nourishment is everything.

When we are properly nourished (according to our Human Design, our Dosha and our passions), we naturally align to wellness. True, sustainable wellness that prevents illness or dis-ease from forming in our bodies, minds and souls.

This is what lights me up and what I am excited to teach about:

You, embodying exactly who you are meant to Be, while exploring the depths of your unique energetics through nourishing rituals.

Namataste Nutrition is my brain-baby. A space that covers all the bases. A truly holistic digestive health school for growth-oriented, compassionate people who desire the vitality to make an even bigger impact.

Amy Colman on her throne at Montreal Babeland event

Upon reflection...

I have been blessed to apprentice under mentors who value the wisdom of many lineages. Each has dedicated their life to studying their craft from various perspectives so they may distill the wisdom and birth a new paradigm.

They have inspired me beyond measure, and I aspire to a similar path.

This is my life's work.

Amy Colman - what nourished you deep contemplation

My training

  • Registered Holistic Nutrition (at CSNN in 2015)
  • Ayurveda Enthusiast (since 2015)
  • Yoga Teacher, +700 hours of training (in 2017)
  • Human Design Reader (since 2022)
  • Mystic (est. 1992)

My journey

Holistic nutrition and yoga both found me during times of crisis; yoga, following a car accident in 2010, and nutrition following a stay in the hospital in 2013. Those two major life events turned out to be the best things that ever happened to me.

Our karma is often our dharma.

Ayurveda offered me a clear understanding of my body type and mind. I've practiced and studied consistently since 2015. I thank the friend who introduced me to this ancient system every day (shout out to you, Jo).

Human Design found me in 2021 and it was love at first reading. I went deep into my HD experiment and have since complete two paradigm-shifting trainings on this magical system.

Mysticism is forever how I live. I was that kid wandering barefoot through the forest, casting spells and collecting ingredients for my potions while contemplating the Great Mystery of life. Not much has changed. I have done some informal training in the mystical arts, dabbling in Shamanism and Tantra.

My practice is ever evolving. I support my clients on their nutrition journey by leveraging their unique energetics (Human Design) to sustainable apply their nutrition strategy (Ayurvedic, plant-based nutrition) and encode it into their body - through embodiment rituals (yogic path).


Nourished by...

 Fresh organic produce, music festivals, Nature walks, masala chai, nice candles, yoga, twerking, singing, roller skating, books, cuddle puddles, travel, terrible puns.




Soul Nourishment Sessions will activate your full potential in becoming your own healer. A deep dive into your True essence, we'll unearth the conditioning that no longer serves you at the highest level, and explore nourishing rituals that will take you to the next level in your nutrition.