Human Design Reading

90-Min Reading

Master your wellness by leveraging the wisdom of your design.

Your energetic blueprint is unique to you, meaning every reading and nutrition plan is custom-tailored.

This session is excellent if you are new to the world of Human Design and would like to get a closer look at your energy and mechanics through this lens.

We will focus on holistic nourishment for your unique design, and I'll offer you strategies and tools that are sustainable and feel good . You will learn why you feel stuck with your nutrition and wellness habits, why you "fall off the wagon," and what is ideal for YOU, as opposed to what is expected via diets and one-size-fits-all regimes.

You will leave this session with a new language to understand your essence, tools to decondition from acquired behaviours, and embodiment rituals to stay true to your path.

What we'll cover:

  • Your Energy Type and Strategy, how you are meant to move through the world and how best to interact with others
  • Your Authority, your intuition and how it speaks to you
  • Your Profile, your role or personality that you came to play in this life
  • Your Energy Centres (Defined + Undefined) store our natural gifts and wisdom; this is where we are susceptible to conditioning or how we impact the world around us. 


Please be as specific as possible with your birth time, down to the minute. If you cannot find out your birth time, please reach out to me directly so we can discuss your options!

What People Are Saying:

My human design reading with Amy was incredible! I'm very into natal charts/ astrology and they're usually pretty accurate but the results from this reading were NEXT LEVEL. There was WAY more detail involved and Amy delivered the information in a super clear and empowering way that really resonated with me. My biggest takeaways were 1) That my perceived sensitivity to sound is actually a part of my human design and 2) That what I'm doing professionally and personally is in complete alignment with my human design. I also felt super supported by the digestion component of the reading - I always thought I needed to be in a calmer setting to digest, and this confirmed it! SUPER cool experience and I'd highly recommend working with her.

Kelsey B.

I loved your reflections and the moments when you saw the links between different parts of my chart. I freaking loved the voice noting afterwards, after having experimented more and letting the information settle, so grateful for your insight. Amazing session Amy!

Sabrina C.

Learning my Human Design revealed some things that I was possibly minutely intuitively tuned into, but didn't cognitively understand about myself or my purpose. The "permission slip" that this reading gave me to move through my daily activities and interactions and, in general, just doing what feels right for me vs what society expects is so empowering and reassuring that I am unique and meant to show up and experience life in my own unique way. I left the session with clear ideas of how to apply this information to my life as well as some suggested experiments by Amy to try and explore. I am so excited and turned-on to life and my goals! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to learn about their human design and book a reading with the calming, soothing, and strengthening energy of Amy.

Krishina R.

$222.00 CAD

It is your responsibility to provide me with the correct birth information (time, location and date). No additional sessions will be added if this is not provided to me. Thank you.

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