What Is Namataste Nutrition?

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Namataste Nutrition is an entity of her own. She serves as a plant-based database as well as a reflection-invoking, mind-expanding tool.

We’ve loaded this site with the latest (and most ancient) teachings in holistic plant-based nutrition, Ayurveda, and Human Design. We also offer practical tips on integrating, amplifying or transitioning to the yogic path.

We also create tasty, nourishing recipes that tickle your palate.

Our offerings are ever-evolving, just as we are.

Our 4-month nutrition apprenticeship we focus on healing your relationship with food and sustainable habit-building. See what our clients have to say.

Our yoga classes are great for all levels, from complete beginners to yoga teachers. Deepen your yoga practice both on and off the mat.

Namataste Nutrition's Philosophy

Do everything in life with intention.

Act with purpose, leave everything more beautiful than you found it, and follow your joy. This is the ultimate elixir of life.

The Namataste Nutrition Mission

The systems we rely on don’t prepare us for the deep inner work required to feel at home and sovereign in our Beings.

We are here to change that.

We distill complex and abstract concepts into easily digestible, tangible action steps.

Our offerings support deep self-reflection so that we can all be the change we seek.

Namataste Nutrition's Methods

Embodiment is everything.

You could have all the knowledge in the world, but without embodied experience – true wisdom – none of that matters.

We work intimately with every client, ensuring the most potent and transformative experience.

The Namataste Nutrition Vision

A healed planet, starting with people.

Fully integrated humxns with deep roots in the land, caring for one another over profits and personal beliefs.

Integrating the best of both new and traditional ways of living; land-nourishing agricultural practices, more focus (collectively) on plant-based nutrition, natural resources and, above all, personal sovereignty and self-reliance.

Our Name

The name “Namataste” fits us perfectly.

At first glance it appears to read namaste, a common greeting – and blessing – in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

The word “Nam(a)”is the gesture of bowing to, or honouring.

The “Taste” is what we offer you here in the Namasphere. A taste of subjects we find fascinating and supportive to the human experience.

The Namataste Nutrition Logo

The design of our logo was intentional, though unplanned. It revealed its symbolism during the creation process.⁣⁠

The Sun and Moon represent the balance of masculine and feminine energies. Hatha yoga, the lineage I studied, is a powerful tool that unites these divine energies. ⁣⁠
The Moon is eclipsing the Sun. Solar eclipses are a symbolic portal for exponential growth - a time of rapid change - both internally and externally. My commitment is to facilitate self-transformation through plant-based nutrition, mindset shifting, and yoga.⁣⁠
The Mushrooms: The Fungi Kingdom hovers between both Animal and Plant Kingdoms, playing a crucial role in our existence. From nourishment and medicine to the animals who consume them, to decomposers in ecosystems; fungi ensure the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. ⁣⁠

I waffled on which species to include here for a long time. I considered incorporating medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, lion's mane, or chaga, though the more we played with this concept, the less identifiable it became. In the end, I chose a more classic toadstool so there was generally less confusion. ⁣⁠
The interconnectivity of the mycelium is like the very fabric of consciousness that connects us to Source. We see similar patterns throughout the universe; this serves as a reminder that *we are all connected*.⁣⁠
Finally, the Flower Of Life. This symbol is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes which symbolizes creation. It reminds us of the unity of everything; it teaches us lessons about compassion towards all beings because we are built from the same blueprint. ⁣⁠

In summary, the wisdom encoded into this emblem (our logo) is of empowered transformation, deep connection, and balance. I hope this. message shines through.

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Namataste Nutrition's Founder

Amy Colman, RHN, RYT-500 is a devoted plant-based nutritionist and yogini with over a decade of experience. Get in touch – she’d love to connect with you.


We love our community and look forward to growing with you.

Namataste fam