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Namataste Nutrition (lovingly referred to as The Namasphere) is a passion for wisdom brought to life. I have always been a "teacher", though never in the traditional sense. Truly, I am more of a mystic... A curious student-of-life.

In this school, we focus on embodiment to both integrate knowledge and evoke your innate wisdom. Your unique energetic blueprint is also taken to heart, so you can personalize each lesson to fit with you.

I hope to inspire you to live in authentic alignment, and then to share this medicine with the world.

Amy Colman from Namataste nutrition with trees and a smile
Amy Colman from Namataste nutrition with trees and a smile

A Taste Of What We Offer

From our hearts to yours.



Anchor into wellness rituals that nourish you holistically, and that you sustain long-term. Easy digestion, glowing skin, and consistent energy  are a few side effects of this 21 day guided experience.

You'll create tasty vegan recipes, explore deeply nourishing yoga flows, and unearth the truth behind your historical inconsistency with nutrition.

Welcome to Holistica, the 21 day vegan holistic cleanse by Namataste Nutrition, hosted by Amy Colman, RHN
Soul Activation Human Design reading 90 minute sessions with Amy Colman - Namataste Nutrition
human design:

Soul Activation


Your unique energetics are at the root of every behaviour, habit, and pattern. When understood and used correctly, it even supports how we digest and experience wellness. 

These 90 minute sessions will activate the deepest parts of you - the raw and real you who desires being heard, felt, and expressed.


What Others Are Saying...

Our programs are holistic, customized, and deeply transformative.

“Taking the Nutrition Wisdom course with Amy absolutely changed my life for the better. Growing up, I was always feeling very insecure and uncomfortable in my body in regards to my weight. 

Amy offered me the wisdom I didn’t know I was missing. She provided the vocabulary I needed to begin a real and honest dialogue with that little voice that wanted my body to reach its best potential. It was a conversation I didn’t know I needed to have, until I was kindly faced with it, head on, with Amy cheering me on.”


Rapha W.

Amy made me feel so incredibly supported. If I had any questions or concerns, she not only made my voice feel heard but also addressed them with research-based answers and worked with me to create my own unique action items that challenged me (in a good way!), but also felt true to my own growth and development.

With Amy’s guidance and mentorship, I have the confidence to take the leadership role in my own life.”


Yentle A.

I absolutely got more out of this program than I expected. It’s been weeks since we completed Nutrition Wisdom and the weight that I lost has stayed off, and my acne has not come back (it’s been months now!!) I was able to figure out what foods I am sensitive to and how to listen to my body. It had been so long since I’d had no digestive issues that I had forgotten what it felt like. In hindsight,  I think my body has needed this reset for years, and I’m so grateful that Amy was there with me every step of the way. 10/10 would recommend to anyone that wants to take control of their physical and mental well-being!”

Nadine L.

“Before working with Amy, I had tried yoga a few times and I found it very difficult with my arthritis. I needed someone who could accomodate my specific needs, and Amy was able to adapt the classes to my particular needs each day.

She’s got the kind of energy that’s a combination of being super zen and calm, and also energized and charged. She passes that on to me, so by the end of our practice I feel both relaxed and energized.”



“I work at a desk job and had regular back and shoulder pain before taking yoga classes with Amy. I wanted a way to ensure good mobility and also improve my posture.

Amy is really good at adapting her classes to the needs of the students.”


Camille R.

I had the pleasure & priveledge of taking two yoga classes with Amy throughout a 10-week period: Yoga Tonique & Freedom Flow. During every class, Amy created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where she guided us through a variety of sequences, encouraged us to try new, challenging positions and adjusted us, when necessary. Without fail, after every class, I felt better, mentally & physically, refreshed and ready for the week ahead. I couldn’t suggest Amy enough to new & more advanced students!”

Katherine H.