The BEST Plant-Based and Vegan Recipe Bloggers

blog foodies plant-based recipes vegan Oct 25, 2023
25 best plant-based/vegan food and recipe blogs

Here is a list of my favourite, trusted plant-based foodies on the interwebs:

  1. Avant Garde Vegan

     Gaz Oakley is by far one of the GOAT vegan foodies out there. Though some of his recipes are complex, they will no disappoint. My personal fave are his Salted Caramel Chocolate Bars.

  2. Chez Jorge

     Check out these mouth-watering Taiwanese-inspired dishes.

  3. Choosing Chia

     A resource for healthy vegetarian recipes that are simple and delicious.

  4. Eating Bird Food

     Quick and easy, family friendly recipes! Though not all are fully plant-based, there are some great ones here to explore.

  5. Ela Vegan

     One of my most tried and true, Ela makes so many fan faves including her Gluten-Free Bread Rolls.

  6. Fit Green Mind

     Maya will turn non-believers into plant-based fanatics. Check out her Insta! 

  7. Gourmet Vegetarian Kitchen

     I highly recommend Jeem's wholesome vegetarian, Thai-inspired recipes. Definitely give her plant-based cheeses a try when you have the time!

  8. It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

     Sam make vegan recipes easy, fun, and sooo yummy. I am a big fan of her Quick And Easy Seitan Recipe.

  9. Jacob King

     A must follow vegan food artist with SO any delicious vegan recipes, like his Pull Apart Garlic Loaf. 

  10. Jessica In The Kitchen

     One of my forever go-to recipe creators, Jessica has nailed the all-around scrumptious vegan dishes for everyone to enjoy, like her Bang Bang Broccoli (it really is bangin'!)

  11. Lazy Cat Kitchen

     With so many categories to choose from, Lazy Cat Kitchen is a must-try food blog for every occasion.

  12. Loving It Vegan

     Vegan comfort foods? Alison's got your back. 

  13. Minimalist Baker

     This is the definition of clean eating. All recipes are 10 ingredients or less, and many take less than 30 minutes to prepare. AND they are delicious. 

  14. Nutrition Facts

     Dr. Michael Greger is more of a science-based plant-based educational resource. However, he does have some very clean, alkalizing, whole food plant-based recipes which are ideal for managing (and potentially reversing) disease. Oh, and he's also the host of an awesome podcast.

  15. Oh She Glows

     Possibly the OG of vegan food blogging, Angela has pioneered this world (and with good reason). Every recipe I've tried from her site has been bang on, particularly her Salted Peanut Butter Crunch Torte or her Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup

  16. One Great Vegan

     Gabrielle will dazzle you with her vocals while whipping up some of the most comforting and tasty vegan recipes. Highly recommend.

  17. Panaceas Pantry

     Though not entirely plant-based, Jade is a naturopath and food photographer who makes recipes that are mouth watering and nourishing. I cannot recommend enough.

  18. Pick Up Limes

     Another OG in the space, Sadia has a massively successful platform on YouTube, and now a new app for your phone which acts as your pocket dietician. Also, all of her recipes are amazing!

  19. Plant Baes

     One of my most recent discoveries, plant-based nutritionist, Sarah, creates simple and nutritious plant-based recipes. 

  20. Plant Based News 

    An excellent resource for news in the plant-based world, and they even have a database of vegan recipes to taste!

  21. Rainbow Plant Life

     Nisha is a delight, and her recipes are heart-warming. My personal fave? Her Vegan Mushroom Risotto.

  22. Terra By Angelica

    A dear friend of mine, and all around wonder woman, Angie's recipes are colourful and nutritious, all with her own twist added to them. Plus, she does event catering for the next retreat you host!

  23. The First Mess

     100% plant-based goodness. You'll feel nourished the moment you land on her site, let along trying her recipes.

  24. Turnip Vegan

     I am in awe at the recipes this man produces. Well known for his mushroom dishes and cooking while living that van life, Turnip will leave you star-struck and craving for more.

  25. Vegan Bunny Chef 

    With recipes that tickle your senses, Elle makes gourmet vegan recipes feel simple (and soooo cute!) 


I hope you enjoy this list, and remember to check out our recipe blog as well. It's ever evolving, fully plant-based, and scrumptious.

I'd love to hear who your favourite vegan foodies are!