9 Holistic Tips to Beat Jet Lag: Stay Healthy and Energized While Traveling

holistic nutrition Feb 21, 2023
9 Holistic Tips to Beat Jet Lag


Jet lag is a real pain in the neck (and the rest of the body, for that matter). There's nothing worse than feeling disoriented, groggy, and just plain off-kilter after a long flight. But fear not, my fellow globe-trotter! There are holistic ways that you can support your body and mind the next time you're crossing time zones.

  1. Stay hydrated

This may seem obvious, but staying hydrated is critical for maintaining your body's natural rhythms. When you're flying, the air in the cabin is notoriously dry, which can lead to dehydration. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water during your flight, and consider adding some electrolytes or a greens blend (snatch my discount code: AMY10) to keep your body healthy and mobile.

You might be thinking "but Amy, I don't want to be peeing ever 20 minutes on my flight!" - and rightfully so. Avoid chugging your water and instead take smaller sips more often. Also, the electrolytes will help your body absorb the water more efficiently, meaning you won't be peeing as often.

  1. Skip the coffee

As tempting as that airport coffee may be, caffeine can negatively impact your cognitive function and circadian rhythm, not to mention dehydrate you even further. Instead, bring some herbal tea bags or caffeine-free lattes to sip on during your flight.

Not only will you have the comfort of a warm beverage to sip on, you'll save some cash (if budgeting is top of mind for you) since all you need to do is ask for hot water from an airport cafe. Easy peasy.

  1. Mitigate your exposure to overhead fluorescent lights

Overhead lights can throw off your body's natural rhythms, so try wearing a rimmed hat to shield your eyes or bringing an eye mask to help you get some shut-eye.

  1. Consider fasting

If fasting is something that works for you, consider using your travel time to let your body heal, detoxify, and purge.

Please speak with your healthcare practitioner before embarking on an intermittent fasting journey, as it's not safe for everyone.

  1. Plan your food ahead of time

Airport food is often packed with preservatives, sugar, and other junk that can throw your body off. Plan ahead and bring your own snacks, such as trail mix, grain bowls, salads, or wraps, to avoid an uncomfortable airplane bathroom situation (if you know what I mean) and to save some money.

  1. Take adaptogens

Adaptogenic plants, such as functional mushroom, ashwagandha or maca root powder, ginseng, rhodiola, or goji berries can help your body stay regulated during times of stress, including the stress of travel. They can even help your body adapt to fatigue and anxiety. Consider taking a tincture or supplement to keep your nervous system regulated during your journey.

  1. Get moving

Sitting for extended periods can cause your body to feel tight and achy. Instead of just waiting for your flight, take the opportunity to walk around the airport, stretch, and get some mobility in beforehand.

  1. Bring wet wipes

Feeling sticky and dirty after a long flight can be draining. Pack some wet wipes to freshen up your face, armpits, and other sweaty bits, and even consider bringing a change of clothes to feel extra refreshed upon arrival.

  1. Plant your bare feet on the earth

Once you've arrived at your destination, grounding yourself by standing barefoot on natural ground (AKA "earthing"), or better yet, finding a natural body of water to dip into, can give you a boost of negative ions and help you tune into the rhythms of your new location. Give this a try!

By following these holistic tips, you'll be better equipped to mitigate the effects of jet lag and feel more centered and refreshed upon arrival.