Mind Over Munchies

A holistic approach to overcoming food cravings & honouring your body's needs.

 What you'll master:

  • Understand what your food cravings actually indicate (mineral or nutrient deficiencies, or other underlying needs).
  • How to nourish your food cravings with HEALTHY food options. We'll explore the Ayurvedic perspective on tastes, and what they offer your body.
  • Identifying and rewiring your trigger points that lead to cravings.
  • Mindful munching - some simple, nourishing, and DELICIOUS upgrades to satiate your cravings.

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During this training, we'll explore:

  • LOGISTICS of food cravings; what are they, why do we get them, what are the physiological reasons for them, etc...
  • ENERGETICS of food cravings; how your Dosha (Ayurveda) and your BodyGraph (Human Design) play a role in your cravings and attachments to food.
  • BODY WISDOM; how to speak the language of your body and decode the messages within the food cravings. I put the power back in your hands so that you always know what to do to nourish yourself when a food craving is present.


$44.00 CAD

Due to the nature of this virtual experience, no refunds will be permitted.

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