ACTIVATED: Design, Dosha & Desires

Acquire the codes to your unique mechanics, digestion and energetics in this 2-part recorded masterclass.

 What you'll master:

  • Your Design - Human Design in relation to your health habits, digestion, and your nutrition. Learn how you were designed to digest, according to Human Design. I'll walk you through reading about this on your BodyGraph and what it means for you.
  • Your Dosha - Discover your Dosha (mind-body type), and how you can leverage the wisdom of this ancient medical system (Ayurveda) when it comes to nourishing your body, mind and soul.
  • Your Desires  - We must play in the dream realm to master our nutrition, hormones, mental health and habits. We'll tap int the hidden desires that you've been saving for the 'perfect' circumstances, and pull them into this reality.
  • THE GOLDEN THREAD - How do these world connect? Why does it matter? How can you use these tools to transform your digestion and your relationship with food... forever?! We will explore the intersect between these magical worlds and how you can create a sustainable and nourishing wellness/nutrition plan designed for YOU.

2 x 90 min live workshops (recordings), resources and embodiment practices available immediately after purchase.

There is no need to have your Human Design Chart or your Dosha figured out yet, as we'll cover this on our call. However, you will need to know your birth time, date, and location to access your HD info. 

What People Are Saying:

I couldn't stop myself from signing up for Amy's Activated Masterclass. The excitement she had for being able to share this knowledge was palpable. I went in with a very open and empty mind, as I was not very familiar with Human Design or Ayurveda. After just two short classes, I was blown away. I now have a great foundation of knowledge about my energy types, and practical ways of using this knowledge to thrive! I am now soo intrigued by the science of Human Design that I am planning on furthering my learning

Cyd V

$44.00 CAD

Due to the nature of this virtual experience, no refunds will be permitted.

You will be sent all video recordings, resources and embodiment practices immediately after purchase - so keep an eye on your inbox!

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