Soul Nourishment

Custom Nutrition Plan
+ Human Design Reading

Become your own healer with your personalized, refined your nutrition plan.

I will begin by reviewing your birth chart, your Dosha, and you health history. Then, I will go to work creating your custom plan, complete with embodiment rituals, supplemental, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations.

We will have 3 x 90 minute activation calls + 2 additional weeks of support.

  • The first is your Nutrition Consultation where I'll get a sense of your health history, your wellness goals, your dietary preferences and your Dosha. Then, I'll get to work on your custom nutrition strategy.
  • The second session is your Human Design Reading; an in depth look at your unique energetics and how you were designed to move through the world. We'll also peel the curtain back on your habits and conditioning around nutrition.
  • Our third activation call is where I'll present your custom nutrition plan and implementation steps to you. This is where you'll have time to ask me questions about your plan and make any final adjustments together.

What we'll cover:

  • Your Human Design strategy for digestion
  • Your deconditioning plan
  • Your dietary recommendations
  • Your supplemental recommendations
  • Supportive embodiment rituals

Please be as specific as possible with your birth time, down to the minute if possible. If you cannot find out your birth time, please reach out to me directly so we can discuss your options!

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What People Are Saying:

My human design reading with Amy was incredible! I'm very into natal charts/ astrology and they're usually pretty accurate but the results from this reading were NEXT LEVEL. There was WAY more detail involved and Amy delivered the information in a super clear and empowering way that really resonated with me. My biggest takeaways were 1) That my perceived sensitivity to sound is actually a part of my human design and 2) That what I'm doing professionally and personally is in complete alignment with my human design. I also felt super supported by the digestion component of the reading - I always thought I needed to be in a calmer setting to digest, and this confirmed it! SUPER cool experience and I'd highly recommend working with her.

Kelsey B.

$333.00 USD

2 monthly payments

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It is your responsibility to provide me with the correct birth information (time, location and date). No additional sessions will be added if this is not provided to me. Thank you.

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