The Importance of Nourishment: Creating a New Genetic Story for Future Generations

mysticism Feb 22, 2023
How to create generational health and nourish your legacy

In our pursuit of generational wealth, it is important to remember that true abundance goes beyond material possessions. We must strive to pass down the genes of our ancestors who lived a life of holistic nourishment and true resilience.



Many of us believe that certain traits or illnesses are "genetic" and therefore out of our control. However, this disempowering belief is not entirely true. While we cannot control our genetic makeup, we do have some choice in how we express our genes.



Our words hold power, and each one is encoded with a frequency that anchors its intention in reality. By making a conscious choice to act, speak, and behave differently from our ancestors who experienced similar illnesses or struggles, we can create a new genetic expression for ourselves and future generations.



To achieve unencumbered wellness, we must allow ourselves the opportunity to unearth the stories and traumas that have been passed down to us. By speaking words of kindness and encoding each DNA strand with strength, immunity, and wisdom, we can create a new story that breaks free from the limitations of our ancestors.



It is important to make choices that our ancestors did not and to do what they could not. By alchemizing our shadows and traumas and guiding our subconscious back towards the light, we can create spaciousness for a new story to be written - one that future generations will thank us for.



It is also crucial to acknowledge and thank our ancestors for the strengths and magic that we have inherited from them. It is because of their survival that we are able to thrive and have access to resources and freedoms that they never knew.



Nourishment extends far beyond the foods we eat. It encompasses our environment, emotions, passions, patterns, conversations, thoughts, dream state, and inspirations. As such, we should measure our day by how nourished we feel at the end, rather than how much we have accomplished.



In conclusion, passing down a legacy of true abundance and holistic nourishment to future generations is a beautiful thing. By acknowledging our power to create a new genetic expression and making choices that break free from the limitations of our ancestors, we can create a new story that is filled with unencumbered wellness and resilience. So, let nourishment be your North Star, and everything else will fall into place.